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01. Sabat Magazine: Issue 2

If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with Halloween and spooky things. I found out about this gorgeous publication through Haus Witch, and I’m already planning on picking up a copy when I visit Salem in October. The layout and typography are incredible too, so it’s basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a thing.

02. Matiko Tabine Booties

I’m not sure how well these booties would hold up in heavy snow, but they’re too pretty not to roll the dice. dealwithit.gif

03. Grapes Encyclopedia Cards

I have a somewhat strange obsession with fruit, I just think it’s beautiful and super photogenic. These cards feature different types of grapes, and the colors are just amazing.

04. Cluse Minuit Mesh Watch

I’m a big fan of chunky watches, and I’ve had my eye on Cluse for a while now. The mesh strap combined with the sleek black face give me Tony Montana vibes, and he’s basically my style icon.

05. Woodlot Amour Salt & Clay Soap Bar

I swoon over Woodlot’s packaging on the reg, it’s truly perfection. The soft pink of this soap makes me all giddy and stuff, plus I assume it smells like a room full of giggling cherubs.

06. Ventrone Chronicles Blush Thick Velvet Choker

You’ve probably seen one of Ventrone Chronicle’s chokers on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram…well anywhere really, because suddenly they’re everywhere. And for damn good reason. I’ll take one blush, one nude, one black, and all of the gold. ALL OF THE GOLD.

07. The Reformation Peggy Top

This silky top is the dreamiest shade of pink, and while my closet consists of mostly neutrals, I’d make an exception for this one. Recently I’ve been making a conscious effort to stay away from fast fashion brands and instead invest in high-quality pieces from more ethical labels. The Reformation seems to be pretty good on that front, plus I love the colors and materials they work with.

08. The Object Enthusiast Amber Speckled Ring Dish

I’ve been a fan of The Object Enthusiast for a long time now. Her eye for color is on point, and I’m drawn to the bits of shiny gold like moth to a flame.

09. Overgrowth

I actually discovered this book through its website, which is equally gorgeous. Soft pastels, romantic design, florals…good stuff!

What have you been lusting after lately?

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By Savanna Hunter-Reeves

Savanna Hunter-Reeves is a designer and art director with a love of simplicity (and super spicy pho). Her goal is to help you build a beautiful and effective brand, through thoughtful design.