Savanna Hunter-Reeves, Founder Well, hello there. I’m Savanna and I'm obsessed with making stuff. When I was younger I did this weird thing where I’d sit with a notebook for hours and come up with scent ideas for candles. I was 10-years-old and scribbling things like “caramel sauce” and “Play-Doh” onto blank pages, daydreaming about the amazing candles people would pay me millions of dollars for.

The business never panned out, but my love of creativity and innovation remained. I’m equal parts left- and right-brain, which means in my world, pretty isn’t enough; it needs to work too. I enjoy nothing more than figuring out how to make something both cool and super effective (like your brand!).

When not nerding out over branding you can find me thinking about next Halloween, eating a giant bowl of pho, or learning how to say "potato" in Korean.

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